Night Lights mission is to create safe and accepting environments by providing respite care for children who have special needs and their neuro-typical siblings.


Our virtual coffee shop offers you the chance to aid support families who have children with special needs from the comfort of your home or workplace.  Night Lights has provided respite care at no cost since 2011. When you buy coffee from our cafe, you can rest assured that your support is making a difference for families in need by helping to keep respite care free.


25% of your coffee purchase goes toward helping keep respite care free, making a big difference to families who have children with special needs!


Join us in helping families with special needs. When a family member requires extra care, you can offer a lifeline to exhausted caretakers, giving them a much-needed break, all while ensuring their loved ones are in capable hands.

Simply switch to our Night Lights coffee blends. Every sip of Night Lights coffee contributes to our mission; 100% of the profits go to support the dedicated team caring for these families in need.

But we don’t want to stop there. We urge you to spread the word and encourage your family, friends, co-workers, and community, including your church and office, to make Night Lights coffee their daily brew. Let’s transform our coffee breaks into acts of compassion and unity, one cup at a time. Together, we can be the light these families deserve. Join us today.

Make sure you select monthly shipments so your donation continues every month. 


At Night Lights, we’re all about making it effortless to be part of our incredible community of special needs families. Here’s how you can dive right in:

    1. Visit our online café: It’s as simple as a click! Choose your favorite blends, and while you’re at it, go ahead and select Auto-Ship. That way, you’ll receive a fresh batch of our aromatic coffee every month, right at your doorstep.
    2. Spread the word: Don’t keep the goodness to yourself; share it with everyone you know, and even those you haven’t met yet but share your love for coffee. Let’s unite over a cup of kindness.
    3. Donate: Even if you’re not a coffee aficionado, you can still be a part of our mission. Click that DONATE button.
    4. Volunteer: If you have a bit of time to spare, click the VOLUNTEER button. Your helping hand can make an enormous difference in the lives of these remarkable families.
    5. Family Interest: Know of a family with kids requiring special care? Click on the FAMILY INTEREST button and share their information with us.

Sip and unwind, share stories, and create precious memories with coffee from Night Lights’ cafe.

Here's the bottom line:

Together, we wield the power to create a monumental impact for those in need. Join us in this heartwarming journey, and let’s make a positive change in the lives of families with children with special needs. With your passion and involvement, the possibilities are endless. Let’s do this!